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#02 - New York
Offense: Go ahead and throw a lefty vs NYN this year. It'll be fun! WsL Rank: 4th

Starting Pitching: Haren plus potentially 4 SP from the 2009 draft. Kinda rad.WsL Rank: 4th

Relief Pitching: Tell 'em the title. "Nasty."WsL Rank: 3rd

2010 Synopsis
After spending 2009 in the tank, New York came out trying to reestablish themselves as the dominant NL force. Unfortunately, they were unaware Kansas City had taken that mantle in the ACs' absence and did not intend to give it up easily. Jeff Bagwell and co. did manage to squeak into the playoffs due to the annually weak NL East, but the Monarchs were waiting with their devastating lefty SP bums. On the bright side, Dan Haren earned his 2nd straight Cy Young, officially earning the title of WSL's resident Cock Diesel.

87-75, 1st in NL East

Reality Check
Final Record: 87-75, 1st in NL East
Team AVG: .262, 11th in the WsL
Team OBP: .329, 10th in the WsL
Team SLG: .412, 12th in the WsL
Team ERA: 4.07, 12th in the WsL
Opponents AVG: .255, 13th in the WsL
HR Allowed: 193, 20th in the WsL

Primary Lineup
C - Chris Ianetta
1B - James Loney
2B - Dustin Ackley
SS - Brendan Ryan
3B - Evan Longoria
LF - Logan Morrison
CF - Alex Rios
RF - Carlos Beltran
DH - N/A

Starting Rotation
#1 - Dan Haren
#2 - Madison Bumgarner
#3 - Jordan Zimmerman
#4 - Trevor Cahill
#5 - Jeff Niemann
Top Prospects
OF - Logan Morrison
RP - Jacob McGee
RP - Drew Storen

RP - Drew Storen
RP - Sergio Romo
RP - Tony Sipp
RP - Bill Bray
RP - Grant Balfour

Best Offseason Move
New York's reluctance to add a big ticket item in the face of the new 100% contract rule should pay dividends very soon. After adding pieces like Chris Denorfia, Chris Ianetta, JD Martinez, Grant Balfour and others for minimal commitments, the ACs have 60M+ to spend in 2013; you know, when Evan Longoria needs re-signing.

Worst Offseason Move
Sometimes, the ACs' lust for pitching clouds their judgement. Acquiring Jacob Turner for Matt Wieters may look great in 2013-14, New York eventually has to decide whether they are a championship team or simply collecting assets. While Wieters underachieved in his short NYN career, not everyone can sport a gold glove catcher with 20 HR power.

PG's '11 Prediction
We've documented how the rest of the NL East will be playing 2011 with their hands around their throat. It looks like another sleepwalk for the ACs. 102-60 record.

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