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#07 - Texas Honkballers Offense: Definition of mediocre. Nothing great, nothing terrible...well, except Mike cameron. WsL Rank: 12th

Starting Pitching: Jeckel and Hyde rotation at its finest.WsL Rank: 8th

Relief Pitching: Should be better than people realize.WsL Rank: 6th

2011 Synopsis
Go ahead and look at last year's pitching stats for Texas. Then, consider the rotation featured Roy Halladay, Felix Hernandez, Jered Weaver and David Price at the start of the year. Confused yet? So were Texas fans as another year of big dreams fell to the wayside. Colorado dominated the division and Texas settled in as the best of a bad bunch in the AL West.

73-89, 2nd in AL West

Reality Check
Final Record: 73-89, 2nd in AL West
Team AVG: .264, 9th in the WsL
Team OBP: .345, 8th in the WsL
Team SLG: .428, 8th in the WsL
Team ERA: 5.22, 21st in the WsL
Opponents AVG: .286, T-21st in the WsL
HR Allowed: 220, 24th in the WsL

Primary Lineup
C - Carlos Ruiz
1B - Justin Morneau
2B - Neil Walker
SS - Cliff Pennington
3B - David Wright
LF - Desmond Jennings
CF - Mike Cameron
RF - Brennan Boesch
DH - Jim Thome

Starting Rotation
#1 - Felix Hernandez
#2 - Roy Halladay
#3 - Doug Fister
#4 - Aaron Harang
#5 - Kyle Davies
Top Prospects
1B - Paul Goldschmidt
SS - Dee Gordon
OF - Desmond Jennings
OF - Mike Trout
OF - Dayan Viciedo

RP - Andrew Bailey
RP - Rafael Betancourt
RP - Eric O'Flaherty
RP - Jason Motte
RP - Joey Devine

Best Offseason Move
Seemingly overnight, Texas has built the best farm system for hitting in WSL. They acquired Desmond Jennings, Dayan Viciedo and Brennan Boesch toward the end of last season, which would be a bounty for any team. Then, they added three #1 picks in Mike Trout, Dee Gordon and Paul Goldschmidt. Texas can either watch their talent develop and compete later, or look for a real impact trade down the line. It's a good problem to have.

Worst Offseason Move
Hard to find a whole lot to dislike here. Texas' hands in FA were fairly tied, probably for the best, due to wild spending in previous years. If anything, adding Jim Thome for two years as a bench bat may not have been a great use of limited resources.

PG's '11 Prediction
Texas has been on the cusp for a while now. 2011 may be the year they finally sniff the wildcard race. 92-70 record.

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