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#14 - St. Louis
Offense: Not a great sign that 1st round pick Eric Hosmer is already their top bat.WsL Rank: 22nd

Starting Pitching: Somehow, this is an elite NL rotation. WsL Rank: 13th

Relief Pitching: Smells like big trade assets in July. WsL Rank: 7th

2010 Synopsis
Scandal followed STL as ownership was ousted after the season amidst accusations of cheating and distributing performance-enhancing drugs to its players. After cutting as many corners as possible, however, the Roid Rage were unable to grab a playoff spot. Was it worth it? Probably not.

96-66, 3rd in NL Central

Reality Check
Final Record: 96-66, 3rd in NL Central
Team AVG: .269, 8th in the WsL
Team OBP: .345, T-6th in the WsL
Team SLG: .428, 9th in the WsL
Team ERA: 3.61, 6th in the WsL
Opponents AVG: .238, 3rd in the WsL
HR Allowed: 126, 4th in the WsL

Primary Lineup
C - Ramon Hernandez
1B - Eric Hosmer
2B - Chris Getz
SS - Alexei Ramirez
3B - Wilson Betemit
LF - Sam Fuld
CF - Colby Rasmus
RF - Vernon Wells
DH - N/A

Starting Rotation
#1 - James Shields
#2 - Johnny Cueto
#3 - Josh Tomlin
#4 - Anibal Sanchez
#5 - Kyle Kendrick
Top Prospects
1B - Eric Hosmer
SP - Danny Duffy

RP - Brad Lidge
RP - Aroldis Chapman
RP - Kyle Farnsworth
RP - Kameron Loe
RP - Ramon Ramirez

Best Offseason Move
Within moments of taking over, new ownership righted a wrong from years past by dealing Chase Utley and his monster contracts to the Narcs for Luke Hochevar. While Hochevar is unlikely to live up to his top-prospect billing, unloading 17M of salary could pay huge dividends for next year's free agency period.

Worst Offseason Move
The Naturals must be pulling splinters out of their jeans after straddling the fence in trade talks this off-season. There is nothing worse than gaining a reputation of being too afraid of making a bad trade. Given that ownership is sitting on tradable assets like Ramon Hernandez, Wilson Betemit, Andruw Jones, James Shields and others, will ownership pull the trigger?

PG's '11 Prediction
There's enough talent here that St. Louis could maaaaaybe hang around early in the season, but chances are they'll be selling at the deadline. 78-84 record.

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