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#19 - Milwaukee
Offense: Out with Pudge and Brian Roberts, in with Asdrubal. It's a start.WsL Rank: 16th

Starting Pitching: You know things are bad when Dontrelle is guaranteed a shot.WsL Rank: 22nd

Relief Pitching: Some dynamite young arms, but they aren't ready yet.WsL Rank: 15th

2010 Synopsis
After years of trying to stem the tide of decline, the Alchys finally accepted things and let the bottom fall out. Cap space started to be cleared for future use, draft picks were stockpiled and veterans were let go. After all, they had to do something since they weren't winning games.

55-107, 4th in AL Central

Reality Check
Final Record: 55-107, 4th in AL Central
Team AVG: .254, T-15th in the WsL
Team OBP: .311, T-21st in the WsL
Team SLG: .396, 16th in the WsL
Team ERA: 5.06, 20th in the WsL
Opponents AVG: .272, 19th in the WsL
HR Allowed: 201, 22nd in the WsL

Primary Lineup
C - Yorvit Torrealba
1B - Albert Pujols
2B - Jamey Carroll
SS - Asdrubal Cabrera
3B - Aramis Ramirez
LF - Gerardo Parra
CF - Rajai Davis
RF - Jose Tabata
DH - Jason Kubel

Starting Rotation
#1 - Wade Davis
#2 - Roberto Heredia
#3 - Randy Wolf
#4 - Chris Volstad
#5 - Dontrelle Willis
Top Prospects
C - Salvador Perez
1B - Brandon Belt
3B - Mike Moustakas
RP - Fautino De Los Santos
RP - Javy Guerra

RP - Kenley Jansen
RP - Jason Frasor
RP - Matt Belisle
RP - Carlos Marmol
RP - Javy Guerra

Best Offseason Move
At the heart of the Alchys' problems the last few years has been the development (or lack thereof) of their young SP. So when San Francisco offered their #1 pick and Asdrubal Cabrera for notorious underachiever Yovani Gallardo, ownership must have had a stroke trying to get that trade confirmed before SF came to their senses. Trading a top draft pick AND a top 5 SS in the game for a guy that posted a 6.00 ERA last year? Sign me up!

Worst Offseason Move
While it's hard to really criticize any of Milwaukee's top choices in the draft, let's do just that: Milwaukee had 3 picks in the top 31 and didn't walk out with a single starting pitcher. It's hard to browse the MIL rotation and not feel like that was a more pressing need. Did we mention Dontrelle is involved?

PG's '11 Prediction
Milwaukee could be marginally better than the last few teams in the Countdown, but having to play in a division with 3 of the top 10 teams in WSL kills their win total. 52-110 record.

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