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#21 - Florida
Offense: Solid top to bottom. WsL Rank: 9th

Starting Pitching: This would be a mediocre little league rotation. WsL Rank: 24th

Relief Pitching: It's a good thing Florida's rotation will be blowing all the games, so the pen can't take the blame.WsL Rank: 23rd

2010 Synopsis
After ownership's annual bitchfest toward critics of the Gators, Florida finished a mere 21 games out of the wildcard and 14 out in the division. It turns out that Jose Bautista wasn't enough to overcome the whole "everyone else sucks" problem.

84-78, 2nd in AL East

Reality Check
Final Record: 84-78, 2nd in AL East
Team AVG: .241, 21st in the WsL
Team OBP: .320, T-17th in the WsL
Team SLG: .402, 13th in the WsL
Team ERA: 4.46, 17th in the WsL
Opponents AVG: .267, T-16th in the WsL
HR Allowed: 150, 9th in the WsL

Primary Lineup
C - Yadier Molina
1B - Casey Kotchman
2B - Jemile Weeks
SS - Jimmy Rollins
3B - Jose Bautista
LF - Juan Pierre
CF - Torii Hunter
RF - Seth Smith
DH - Jesus Guzman

Starting Rotation
#1 - Franisco Liriano
#2 - Phil Hughes
#3 - Aaron Cook
#4 - Carlos Zambrano
#5 - Blake Beaven
Top Prospects
2B - Jemile Weeks
SP - Blake Beaven

RP - Matt Capps
RP - David Herndon
RP - Juan Carlos Oviedo
RP - Everett Teaford
RP - Jorge De La Rosa

Best Offseason Move
Florida made the right decision in making future HoFer Phil Hughes the cornerstone of their rotation and franchise. According to one division rival, Phil Hughes is "worth multiple first round picks and even then, he's untouchable." He looks to be the next in a long-line of excellent Florida six-year contracts after this next season.

Worst Offseason Move
For a team that has been crippled by long-term deals on declining veterans and mediocre players, you would think Juan Pierre and Torii Hunter would be far from Florida's to-do list. However, rather than sign ANYTHING with upside, SP or otherwise, the Gators devoted $10M per year for quite some time to a pair of mid-to-late 30-year old OFs.

PG's '11 Prediction
After a couple years of treading water, the bottom finally drops out for Florida. On the bright side, this gives Timmy the opportunity to trade a top 5 pick for cap relief next off-season. 60-102 record.

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