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2010 WSL Mock Draft 1.0

Peter Gammons has been hard at work going over scouting reports, talking to coaches, general managers and has come up with a rough edition of what the 2010 Draft may look like.

Pick # Team Needs Pick Analysis
1 Texas C, 1B, SS, OF, SP, RP Stephen Strasburg, SP We've all heard about how good Strasburg should be. The only question Texas has to ponder: Will he stay healthy? It's a franchise-changing roll of the dice here.
2 So Cal SS, OF, SP Jayson Heyward, OF Scouts say Heyward is the complete package. If so, So Cal has to breathe a sigh of relief not having to choose between him and Strasburg. INstead, the Thrills go with the safe choice and enjoy the next decade of having a premier corner OF as they rebuild.
3 Baltimore C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF, SP, RP Starlin Castro, SS Perhaps no team in WSL history has been hit by free agency as hard as the Bang Bangs this season. Given the situation, Baltimore takes the best SS in the draft. Castro has a solid glove, along with the ability to hit .300; a rarity at the position. It's hard to say who takes the field for Baltimore in 2010, but one thing is for sure: SS is locked up.
4 Anaheim 2B, SS, OF, SP Mike Stanton, OF It's rare that a rookie hitter strikes fear into opposing pitchers. However, this is one of those cases. Mike Stanton is a threat to hit 40 HR any given year, perhaps 50 if everything rolls his way. He joins a stacked Anaheim team, alongside WSl all-star Matt Holliday in what looks to be a potential dynasty in the NL West.
5 Kansas City 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF, SP, RP Carlos Santana, C Here's a case of the rich getting richer. After storming to a NL West title, Kansas City fixes two problems at once: Drafting Carlos Santana allows KC to move Victor Martinez to 1B. Santana draws comparisons to Joe Mauer, and rightly so. He's arguably the best hitter in the draft.
6 Atlanta C, 2B, SS, 3B, OF, SP, RP Pedro Alvarez, 3B Gamblers fans haven't had much to cheer for in recent years. Realizing this, the new ownership gives the team a shot of life at 3B. While leaving something to be desired defensively, Pedro Alvarez has the most power of anyone in the draft not named Mike Stanton. That power comes at a premium position, as well. While Alvarez learns how to hit for average at the WSL-level, Atlanta can grow as a team without fear of mutiny by its fans...so long as around 30-40 Alvarez bombs hit the seats.
7 New York AL C, 2B, SS, 3B, CF, RP Jeremy Hellickson, SP The Narcs find themselves at a crossroads: they desperately need infielders, but are any worth taking at #7? Instead, they take the best pitcher available in Hellickson. The right-hander represents the middle ground of the SPs in this draft. He's talented, yet does not exhibit the risks found later on with Drabek, Chapman and McGee. Hellickson should slot in well behing CC Sabbathia and co. as the Narcs look to return to WSL-relevence.
8 San Diego 1B, SS, OF, SP, RP Austin Jackson, OF Faced with practically their entire OF hitting free agency, the Madres follow up their 2009 playoff run with Austin Jackson. Jackson fits what the Madres like to do, relying on speed and defense to keep oppoenents uncomfortable. It's expected that the rookie will be in the gold glove race annually. We may be looking at the NL ROTY here.
9 Pittsburgh C, 2B, 3B, OF, RP Dominic Brown, OF You could feel the collective groan from Pittsburgh fans after Pedro Alvarez went off the board. Instead, the Pitchmen draft Dominic Brown, who would be a top 3 pick in just about any other draft. He joins a crowded OF that is quickly becoming the envy of WSL. Luckily, this allows Brown to refine his skills in the minors rather than being forced to produce on opening day. The extra time should produce a multiple time all-star in no time.
10 St. Louis C, 1B, 3B, OF, SP, RP Barry Enright, SP For a team that needs just about everything, St. Louis gets bold here by taking the newcomer. Enright blast onto the scene last this past season and, if half a season is anything to go on, it looks like he's the darkhorse candidate for steal of the draft. Scouts attribute the surge to a change in mechanics, leading to improved control over his secondary pitches. The Macs may have found a gem here.
11 Philadelphia OF, SP, RP Mike Leake, SP After falling out of the 2009 playoff race, Philly fans bristle for someone to get them over the hump. Management answers with perhaps the most WSL-ready SP in the draft. Leake profiles well with fellow A's SP Roy Oswalt in that he does a lot of things well, but doesn't dominate. There's little reason to think Leake won't be a mainstay in Philly for a decade.
12 Seattle 2B, SS, OF, SP, RP Jason Donald, 2B The 777's fill a major need with the best 2B in the draft. Donald profiles somewhere between Ryan Theriot on the low end and Brian Roberts on the high end. What that means is he should hit for average with some speed and good defense, but how his power develops will be the deciding factor.
13 Milwaukee 2B, SS, 3B, OF, SP, RP Aroldis Chapman, SP With the Alchys in full-on rebuild mode, they take a risk with the flamethrowing Cuban. On the one hand, it is reported that Chapman throws as hard as 103 MPH with control. On the other, the injury history of pitchers that throw that hard is...well, see Zumaya, JOel. Milwaukee may be better off using Chapman out of the pen similar to how Colorado is using Neftali Feliz.
14 Boston 2B, SS, OF, RP Mike Minor, SP After trading Adam Wainwright and losing Matt Cain to free agency, the Chowds need some life behind ace Tim Lincecum. Luckily, Mike Minor is there for the taking. The southpaw should be ready to start fulltime by 2011, something Boston fans will be eager to see.
15 Toronto OF, SP, RP Brennan Boesch, OF After being a fan of Brian Giles for years, Toronto drafts their own version. Boesch is good enough to start for a Avengers team looking to...avenge...a collapsed playoff run. In a good year, Boesch should hit 30 HR and drive in 90-100 runs.
16 Cleveland C, 1B, 2B, SS, OF, CF, SP, RP Jason Castro, C After a few rollercoaster years that saw Dioner Navarro and Pablo Sandoval behind the plate, the Gorillas do their pitching staff a favor and draft Jason Castro. The youngster sacrifices the offensive upside of Sandoval in return for a much better defensive presence. He immediately gives opposing runners pause on the basepaths; something Cleveland surely could have used in 2009. If his bat develops, he's a top-10 catcher in WSL for sure.
17 San Francisco C, 1B, 3B, OF, SP, RP Ike Davis, 1B Coming off another playoff run, San Francisco takes the most WSL-ready 1B in the draft in Ike Davis. Davis draws comparisons to longtime WSLer Mark Grace. At his peak, Davis should hit around 25 HR. That's not the upside of some other 1B in this draft, but he's also the most likely to be in the league five years later.
18 Colorado 3B, SP, RP Danny Valencia, 3B The Little Leaguers put a premium on defense, so it's no surprise they fill a need at the hot corner with easily the best defensive 3B in the draft. Valencia is often compared to Adrian Beltre, for the right and wrong reasons. The defense is top notch, he can hit lefties well. How well he can handle righty pitchers will determine whether he's an all-star or a platoon 3B.
19 Florida OF, SP, RP Jose Tabata, OF Tell me if this sounds like a Florida pick: Plus defense, solid arm, hits for a high average, plus speed. well, that's Jose Tabata in a nut shell. Tabata has the skills to appear in the occassional all-star game, but his value to Florida is about more than numbers.
20 Detroit C, 2B, SS, OF, SP, RP Travis Wood, SP If there's one thing the Domos like, it's lefty SP. Detroit adds another big time arm in Travis Wood, joining Ricky Romero and Brett Cecil as the heart of a nightmare rotation for opposing managers. Scouts differ on where exactly Wood fits in the rotation, but he won't have to carry the load in Detroit.
21 Chicago NL C, SS, 3B, OF, SP, RP Jake McGee, SP For a Juice team looking to rebuild, they go with easily the highest risk, highest reward arm in the 2010 draft. McGee drops out of the top 10 due to an extensive injury history. However, scouts report his skills have not diminished and he looks healthy. If he pans out, the Juice gain an ace. If not, well, it's not like the Juice get much out of the draft normally anyhow.
22 Arizona C, 2B, SS, SP, RP Kyle Drabek, SP After years of ignoring the rotation, Arizona catches a major break. Drabek is arguably as talented as any pitcher in the draft. From day one, he's arguably the best pitcher on the Swingers, but it will take a year or two for his secondary pitches to develop to the point where he can lead a team.
23 Chicago AL C, OF, SP Jake Arrieta, SP The Chicago rotation could use some fresh arms behind ace Zack Grienke, so they take the safe pick here with the right-hander. Arrieta profiles as a mid-rotation starter, capable of eating 200 IP for the Fireflies for the next decade.
24 New York NL 2B, 3B, OF, RP Josh Bell, 3B After years of searching for a long-term stud at the hot corner, the ACs find their man. Bell has the best skillset of any 3B in the draft this year. Unfortunately, he's also as raw as they come. New York will have to be patient as he learns the game.

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